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SwingView Pro OnlineTM Interactive Internet Golf Instruction
The SwingView Pro Online TM is the newest and best way for a professional or coach to provide remote lessons to a student or player. SwingView Pro Online is interactive, bringing the teacher and student together with real-time peer-to-peer collaborating technologies. With SwingView Pro Online you can converse with your student and do your analysis while the student is watching in real time. The design allows full student participation that the instructor can also see in real-time. Both the instuctor and student can setup a free account.
SwingView Pro Online Features
- Provides two-way full duplex video, voice and text conversation between instructor and student
- Local video storage in the browser to create your own libraries of swings
- Provides real-time bi-directional swing annotation using a full array of drawing tools
- Transfer video or image files to and from the student
- Student can easily import swings and transfer swings to the instuctor
- Slow motion and frame by frame play back supported.
SwingView Pro Online uses advanced video and text communications to provide near real-time, full duplex conversations using a web camera, standard headset and microphone. This technology is built in to the SwingView Pro Online website. The instructor and student can have a conversation over your internet while using the other collaboration tools available in the SwingView Pro Online website.
SwingView Pro Online also support a text chat mode. The instructor can send and receive text messages to and from the student. This is used to pass text information back and forth.
SwingView Pro Online provides real-time control of the local and remote video file. As the instructor positions or plays the local swing the remote swing is synchronized in real-time to match frame for frame. The SwingView Pro Online is designed to be peer-to-peer collaboration, one to one or one to many. The student also has the ability to play or position the swing which immediately synchronizes the instructors video.
SwingView Pro Online provides a complete set of drawing tool to annotate the video. As the instructor draws on the video, the same drawings automatically appear on the students video. Since the SwingView Pro Online is designed for peer-to-peer collaboration, any drawing that the student makes appears immediately on the instructors video. The local and remote drawing is synchronized to prevent draw overs.
Video can easily be shared by the instructor and student with the built in peer-to-peer file transfer. Video files can be transferred using the easy drag and drop interface. Files can be transferred from the instructor to student or student to instructor. The video files can be any type of video that can be played in a browser. Recommended formats are MOV (Apple) or MP4 (Android).
The SwingView Pro Online has video capture included in the website to record and send a personal message.
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